Just a little brawl between friends

Friday, 19th August 2011 ~ Maggie ~ Link ~ Comments (0)

Some very quick thoughts on the fight in Thursday's game between the Bayi Rockets of the CBA and the Georgetown Hoyas of the NCAA:

+ This sync of two perspectives on the fight from SportsGrid is the best video I've seen of it yet.

+ The security was appalling. Fans got on the court, and the Georgetown team walked out of the gym with no escort. In fact, it seemed that the security were actually moving AWAY from the fight, not toward it.

+ I find it very easy to believe the referees were taking home-team favoritism to an extreme. Bayi is the army team, and enjoys a special status among CBA teams, and I am sure there were lots of people who didn't want to see Bayi lose to a college team in Beijing. Georgetown beat Shanxi Zhongyu in its first friendly of the trip.

+ American universities come on these trips to promote their schools, and the coaches do it hoping that one day they will land a big recruit. For the players, it's an exciting new experience. When I have seen NCAA teams here in the past, the emphasis really is placed on having a good time, learning lessons off the court, bonding as a team, and representing their school and their country with class. I doubt they were under huge pressure from John Thompson III to come away with wins.

+ This is a sad incident that will affect how university teams plan future China trips. They will have to know that the agent in China who sets it all up for them understands how they expect to be taken care of and looks after their security in the gym.